April 23, 2008

Replacing The Bedroom Windows

After talking to the city building and planning official, we just learned that replacing the existing single pane windows in the bedrooms will not only require a permit but a detailed and drawn to scale drawing as well. The official said that the new city code in the area requires that a new or a replacement bedroom windows must have maximum 44 inches length from the floor and more than 5 square feet of opening for fire safety to allow easy exit for anyone out of the house incase of fire in the house. This make sense in a way, but what doesnt make sense is that the original plan is that just trying to upgrade the single pane windows to more energy efficient ones using Star Energy Low E windows, but the replacement windows will remain the same dimensions, but in order to implement the new city codes, it would mean that the existing sheet racks will need to be opened up and existing framing will need to be modified inorder to lower the framing and the headers to accomodate the required 44 inches length or less. So instead of just replacing windows, it will turn out to be a whole redo of the walls and sidings as well, which is turning into a very complicated process and a permit is now required with detailed and drawn to scale drawing. Inorder to implement this new city codes, not only will it double the work load but the budget as well because not only do we need to buy the replacement windows but have to worry about header and framing modifications and patching the opened sheet rack as well.

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April 22, 2008

Saying Goodbye To The Dark Green Walls

It is amazing what a coat of paint can do. Its only been few days ago when we were staring at a dark evergreen bathroom wall in the house, that didnt take very long for us to decide that the paint color just doesnt seem to work in anyway with the bathroom tiles and floor. It took us two major coats of super strong white primer to cover the dark evergreen paint in the wall. Although, after two hard coats of paint primer, we still noticed several holidays in the wall, it is looking so much better than the dark wall that was previously there. The third coat and final coat will be the paint that we will decide to put in the wall, but we are still in the process what paint color to put up in the bathroom since we are not sure if the tub tiles will be removed or we will just keep it, since there is really nothing wrong with it but the color is neautral not quite colorful.

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April 7, 2008

Flippers We Will Be

I would like to do some flipping in the very near future, and would like to share my experiences and adventures here as I go along with all the different projects that we tackle, fix up and renovate.

This blog will house all things renovations, tips on how to fix things up, and any other concerns and interests that comes with flipping like choosing the right floor, why the carpet needs to go, or should the wall be knock down or not!

Please check back soon, I will be updating this blog as soon as new data and experiences comes along.
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