October 17, 2008

Painting Task Today

I was painting the ceiling today and consumed a little more than a gallon of paint. I was using a regular paint roller, so it was a little messy to handle specially that there is no drip cathcher that comes with the roller design. But the extension pole helped a lot, eliminating the need to use a scapolding or a ladder entirely. I personally think that using a ladder or scapolding while painting a ceiling can be dangerous at times and complicates ceiling painting all together. My painting job was not too bad, just required a lot of patience with the preparation, trying to cover all the furnishings and items that i didnt want any paint drips.

The good thing is, we recently bought a new non-stick paint tray that eliminate the need to wash it up with water after painting. The non-stick tray is such a great product, it saves me time and water during clean-up specially that the paint tray is usually the biggest painting tool in a regular painting job, and it eats up a lot of water trying to clean it up, not to mention scrubbing hardened paint residues! With non-stick paint tray, it is so easy, just let the paint dry in the tray after a painting job, and peel off dried paint afterward! I absolutely salute the person who thought of this idea, definitely time-saving tool!

Hint: Although the non-stick tray works really good with regular paint, basing on my experience, primer did not work really well with the non-stick tray.

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