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June 2, 2008

Easier Clean Up After Siding Demolition

House siding demolition can be extremely messy and the demolition crew or house flipper may have to deal with all types of nails both big and small falling all over the ground, sometimes hard to see and spot them all. When the nails fall into the grass lawn, or in the dirt, cleaning up the mess may tend to be even more challenging and difficult. So for easy clean up, job would turn out to be so much easier if a canvas tarp is spread against the wall prior for siding demolition. For safety, it might be best if the ladder will not be positioned on top of the spreaded canvas specially if the canvas tarp have a plastic lining on the other side. With the tarp being spread below, it is so much easier and faster to collect most of the fallen nails and tiny little pieces by gathering the ends of tarp together and pour all the collected items in a bucket or into the trash. If you dont have the tarp spread in the ground to catch all the nails and other little pieces, it might be extremely hard to spot them all one by one specially in a loose dirt or grassy lawn.

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