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July 19, 2008

Saving Those Original Hardwood Floors

When you buy older homes, lets say, houses that were built around 1960s to 1970s, it is more likely the you will uncover a genuine hardwood floors underneath those headious carpets! Nowadays, hardwood floors are a crowd favorite flooring for a lot of homeowners and buyers. But real hardwood floors nowadays cost a lot per square foot, easily ranging from $3 to $10 per square foot, and if you are lucky to have a hardwood floor hidden underneath an old ruined carpet that had seen better days, repolishing those hardwood floor maybe worth all the works to save it. There maybe a lot of other alternative as far as recreating the look of those hardwood floors like using laminate flooring or vinyl flooring with wood designs, but nothing can compare to have the original hardwood floors that originally came with the house when it was first built! If you are selling the house, hardwood floors that comes originally with the house is definitely a great selling feature and it is a definite hot item for many prospective buyers! You gain a lot of benefit by saving the original hardwood floors, not counting the cost you save if you have to recreate the same material, nowadays, this type of flooring will easily cost you a fortune. By saving the original hardwood floors and putting it back to its original glory can be quite a task for a house flipper or a house investor or a homewoner, but if sanded and properly stained or protected, all the effort that is put into saving those real hardwood floors maybe all worth it, not only because it looks great and natural, but also because it could save you tons of money trying to replace it with the same exact materials. So, if by all means, you uncover an original hardwood floors, it might be all worth it to save those genuine stuff!

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