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July 26, 2008

Energy Efficiency Report

Inorder to determine and plan the overall energy consumption and efficiency of the whole state, applying for a permit for a home remodeling or room addition in CA may require a Title 24 Report, showing the performance of its units like the central air and heat, lightings, and other energy consumming devices. It is definitely more additional work and complication for a home flipper or contractor inorder to obtain such report to get a permit approved. Just like a home inspection, a Title 24 Report requires a licensed or trained HERS Provider to analyze the report and such report will further undergo documentation review for accurary before it will be forwared to the city hall during the permit application process for approval making sure that the home remodeling or addition is in compliance with the energy efficiency standards. I guess the Title 24 Report will help ensure that each dwelling will be more energy efficient and consume less energy specially with the growing concern of global warming nowadays. Oh well, never filed for a Title 24 Report before, so its gonna be a learning process, as we go along.

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