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July 25, 2010

Expensive Versus Affordable Fixtures

Sometimes, people think that inorder to achieve huge impact in the home decorating, you need to spend plenty of money buying the most expensive fixtures and accessories to replace the existing ones. But nowadays, we have wide variety of product options to choose from both expensive and non-expensive, so we just have to shop smartly and wisely. More affordable fixtures and accessories can do wonders just like the expensive ones.

For those who have plenty of budget, being able to get the best quality is an easier task because quality products made with really lasting materials and good-looking finishes come with higher prices. But the more affordable items are becoming more competitive with their workmanship and can compete with the expensive ones as far as style and function.

Having plenty of budget is not always the case for everybody when it comes to home decorating and home renovation. The good new is, buying the most expensive one does not always mean its best solution for you. For instance, it doesnt make sense to buy a $500 faucet when your sink, cabinetry, and countertop will be out-of-place especially when you are not thinking of upgrading them too. If you have a laminated countertop, a really nice chrome-finished faucet that is priced around $50-$150 will work wonders too instead of buying a $500 faucet. One really good thing to consider is to buy the same finish as the rest of your hardwares and fixtures in the room or the whole house, so that you achieve uniformity and its more pleasant to the eyes.

Same goes with shopping for windows and doors. We originally had hollow plywood-type doors that we replaced with a nice stylish Santa Fe doors. It only cost less than $100 per door compare to the custom ones which is around $500-$1000. I love the look of custom doors specially the wood works but for what we need and with the budget that we had, the Santa Fe doors work really well with the space as well, it has style and it served its function really well too.

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September 29, 2008

Challenges That Come With Replacing Windows

One of our building permit includes replacing windows in the house. The house has single pane windows with aluminum framing. When it comes to upgdraing windows, single pane windows are probably considered obsolete nowadays, and the upgrades are mostly being dual pane windows, which are more energy efficient because it had better control and proven performance over the air around it, both hot and cold air. Dual pane windows keep the warm air in and keep the cold air out, and vise versa, which minimize the use of heating or air conditioning furnace to keep the room cool during summer or warm during winter.

By replacing windows using different sizes, part of the indoor walls, sheetrock, had to be cut off inorder to remove the old windows and place the new ones. So there could be plenty of patching of the interior walls or the sheetrock specially if you are replacing a window with a different size. Even more difficult is when the existing sheetrock have texture in them, which means that patched wall had to be textured as well to match with the existing texture. Texturing is not an easy task, you need to find the right texture that match with what is existing and price wise, they usually dont come cheap. A single spray can of texture cost around $12 to $15 that have coverage around 50 to 100 square feet, depending also if its used sparingly or economically. After the texture application, primed paint had to be applied before the colored wall paint can be applied. Paint color has to match the existing wall paint, or else the whole room wall need to be repainted so that it will not have multi-colored or patchy finished end product.

Another major challenge when replacing windows is when the new window had to be move to a new location, or move few inches away from the original location because the header above the existing window will be affected and had to be moved as well. And if the header will be move, you will have to deal with the wall studs as well, possibly add or relocate the 2x4 studs to properly support the new header location, the windows, etc.

But having new dual pane windows are definitely worth it! As simple as replacing windows have dramatic transformation in the look of your home.

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July 19, 2008

Saving Those Original Hardwood Floors

When you buy older homes, lets say, houses that were built around 1960s to 1970s, it is more likely the you will uncover a genuine hardwood floors underneath those headious carpets! Nowadays, hardwood floors are a crowd favorite flooring for a lot of homeowners and buyers. But real hardwood floors nowadays cost a lot per square foot, easily ranging from $3 to $10 per square foot, and if you are lucky to have a hardwood floor hidden underneath an old ruined carpet that had seen better days, repolishing those hardwood floor maybe worth all the works to save it. There maybe a lot of other alternative as far as recreating the look of those hardwood floors like using laminate flooring or vinyl flooring with wood designs, but nothing can compare to have the original hardwood floors that originally came with the house when it was first built! If you are selling the house, hardwood floors that comes originally with the house is definitely a great selling feature and it is a definite hot item for many prospective buyers! You gain a lot of benefit by saving the original hardwood floors, not counting the cost you save if you have to recreate the same material, nowadays, this type of flooring will easily cost you a fortune. By saving the original hardwood floors and putting it back to its original glory can be quite a task for a house flipper or a house investor or a homewoner, but if sanded and properly stained or protected, all the effort that is put into saving those real hardwood floors maybe all worth it, not only because it looks great and natural, but also because it could save you tons of money trying to replace it with the same exact materials. So, if by all means, you uncover an original hardwood floors, it might be all worth it to save those genuine stuff!

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June 2, 2008

Easier Clean Up After Siding Demolition

House siding demolition can be extremely messy and the demolition crew or house flipper may have to deal with all types of nails both big and small falling all over the ground, sometimes hard to see and spot them all. When the nails fall into the grass lawn, or in the dirt, cleaning up the mess may tend to be even more challenging and difficult. So for easy clean up, job would turn out to be so much easier if a canvas tarp is spread against the wall prior for siding demolition. For safety, it might be best if the ladder will not be positioned on top of the spreaded canvas specially if the canvas tarp have a plastic lining on the other side. With the tarp being spread below, it is so much easier and faster to collect most of the fallen nails and tiny little pieces by gathering the ends of tarp together and pour all the collected items in a bucket or into the trash. If you dont have the tarp spread in the ground to catch all the nails and other little pieces, it might be extremely hard to spot them all one by one specially in a loose dirt or grassy lawn.

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April 23, 2008

Replacing The Bedroom Windows

After talking to the city building and planning official, we just learned that replacing the existing single pane windows in the bedrooms will not only require a permit but a detailed and drawn to scale drawing as well. The official said that the new city code in the area requires that a new or a replacement bedroom windows must have maximum 44 inches length from the floor and more than 5 square feet of opening for fire safety to allow easy exit for anyone out of the house incase of fire in the house. This make sense in a way, but what doesnt make sense is that the original plan is that just trying to upgrade the single pane windows to more energy efficient ones using Star Energy Low E windows, but the replacement windows will remain the same dimensions, but in order to implement the new city codes, it would mean that the existing sheet racks will need to be opened up and existing framing will need to be modified inorder to lower the framing and the headers to accomodate the required 44 inches length or less. So instead of just replacing windows, it will turn out to be a whole redo of the walls and sidings as well, which is turning into a very complicated process and a permit is now required with detailed and drawn to scale drawing. Inorder to implement this new city codes, not only will it double the work load but the budget as well because not only do we need to buy the replacement windows but have to worry about header and framing modifications and patching the opened sheet rack as well.

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