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April 7, 2008

Flippers We Will Be

I would like to do some flipping in the very near future, and would like to share my experiences and adventures here as I go along with all the different projects that we tackle, fix up and renovate.

This blog will house all things renovations, tips on how to fix things up, and any other concerns and interests that comes with flipping like choosing the right floor, why the carpet needs to go, or should the wall be knock down or not!

Please check back soon, I will be updating this blog as soon as new data and experiences comes along.
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My other flipping blog is sharing my thoughts, experiences, and actual hands-on as a real estate flipper. This site is about flipping houses, transforming homes from run down or ordinary into a nice upgraded and stylish dwellings. Hopefully you learn something here, get inspired to learn new skills of your own, or learn from our mistakes. Read Disclosure Policy