July 25, 2010

Expensive Versus Affordable Fixtures

Sometimes, people think that inorder to achieve huge impact in the home decorating, you need to spend plenty of money buying the most expensive fixtures and accessories to replace the existing ones. But nowadays, we have wide variety of product options to choose from both expensive and non-expensive, so we just have to shop smartly and wisely. More affordable fixtures and accessories can do wonders just like the expensive ones.

For those who have plenty of budget, being able to get the best quality is an easier task because quality products made with really lasting materials and good-looking finishes come with higher prices. But the more affordable items are becoming more competitive with their workmanship and can compete with the expensive ones as far as style and function.

Having plenty of budget is not always the case for everybody when it comes to home decorating and home renovation. The good new is, buying the most expensive one does not always mean its best solution for you. For instance, it doesnt make sense to buy a $500 faucet when your sink, cabinetry, and countertop will be out-of-place especially when you are not thinking of upgrading them too. If you have a laminated countertop, a really nice chrome-finished faucet that is priced around $50-$150 will work wonders too instead of buying a $500 faucet. One really good thing to consider is to buy the same finish as the rest of your hardwares and fixtures in the room or the whole house, so that you achieve uniformity and its more pleasant to the eyes.

Same goes with shopping for windows and doors. We originally had hollow plywood-type doors that we replaced with a nice stylish Santa Fe doors. It only cost less than $100 per door compare to the custom ones which is around $500-$1000. I love the look of custom doors specially the wood works but for what we need and with the budget that we had, the Santa Fe doors work really well with the space as well, it has style and it served its function really well too.

Written by Jazevox of http://ourflip.blogspot.com
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